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The Institute was founded based on the Holistic teaching systems of one of the Great Grandfathers of Escofhari Babatunde II. He believes that the systems of science that the Old People were well informed of was light years ahead of what we are inundated with today.

Escofhari and his wife Robin believe that you have to give information to the people in small but meaningful amounts. In ways that people can relate to and as they grow so goes the information. Education and evolution is a process not an

Our Holistic Hair Care and Holistic Living workshops will provide you with a valuable understanding of Natural hair care  from a holistic perspective. Allowing you to provide techniques for; transitioning, repairing, caring, styling and maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Sharing the importance and benefits of a healthy holistic lifestyle is vital to our well being.The use of essential oils, herbs, proper nutrition, diet and exercise, massage and meditation has been proven for centuries to be the most valuable path to true health. The care of the body as a whole is considered the only way to truly relieve of dis-ease and dis-order. Take pride in your path to a life enhancing career.

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                                                       Workshops Available                               

Holistic Science Natural Hair Care Technician                 Spiritual Usui Reiki

 Pre-Exam Workshop                 
                                                                                Yoga Classes                                                                                                   
 Natural Hair Care Technician                            
                                                                              Juicing for Health  
 Mindful & Meditation for the Practitioner
 Aromatheraphy in the Work Place                                          
 Essential Oils for the Essential Scalp


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     Providing your client with a supreme service is key to your success in the Natural Hair Care and Holistic Living industry. If you are serious about being a Licensed Natural Hair Specialist, know what you are really doing. Styling natural hair is not natural hair care. We believe that  mind, body and soul should be looked at as a whole unit. If the body is not healthy neither is the hair, if the mind is not healthy neither is the body and if the soul or spirit is not healthy neither is the whole person.

    Why only be concerned with what goes on your hair and not what goes in your body or mind. Your spirit should be in-tune with all aspects of your physical self. How else are we to know when we are out of  balance. Illness, dis-order and dis-ease are a reflection of how we see, feel and treat ourselves. Be good to yourself and your client.
    Pretending will soon come to show it's disadvantages. Customers are seeking out professionals that are educated in natural hair care, scalp care and repair, and that care only comes from a holistic perspective that is conducive to how we as humans are created. Don't do your client a dis-service, take your skill seriously, take care of your clients and you will reap great rewards.                                       


                                    THE BENEFITS OF BEING NATURAL

  • Less products used
    Less money spent
  • Styles last longer
    More versatility
  • Visits to the salon are less frequent
  • Freedom to take care of your self physically by exercising, swimming etc.
  • Less time in the salon per visit
  • Healthy, strong, growing hair
  • Less stress
    Less disease & dis-order
  • More confidence/Self-esteem
    More love of self
    An appreciation of your divine Gifts; hair texture, natural color,
    thickness, versatility, length
    Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

                                            CERTIFIED HOLISTIC SCIENCE
                                         NATURAL HAIR CARE TECHNICIAN
                                                HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER


                                                      WORKSHOP #1

                                               $1750.00 - $1925.00

Option (A) $1750
This workshop is designed for the SERIOUS Natural Hair Care Provider/Specialist and Cosmetologist desiring to know valuable information on how to properly care for, transition, style and repair hair from a holistic approach. This is a comprehensive hands-on workshop requiring time and study. This workshop includes the use of holistic modalities used for the prevention of dis-orders and dis-eases of the whole body .

At the completion of this workshop certifications as a Holistic Science Hair Care Technician and Holistic Practitioner will be provided. This workshop also includes 1st year membership licensing with the North Carolina Board of Natural Hair Care. www.ncbnhc.com. All implements and supplies provided, King/Queen t-shirt, Tunde's Products and a relaxing herbal kit. Bring paper, pencil, lunch and an eagerness to learn.This workshop provides 24 CE credits.

Pre-Exam Workshop $175 (add-on)
Option (B)
Add the Pre-Exam workshop. Natural hair care providers are now required by June 30th 2015 to become Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist. Providers must pass the North Carolina State Board written exam and practical exam. This add-on prepares you for those exams.  Practice written and practical exam, application process and question and answer session included.

This workshop is an additional day. We have a 97% passing rate. No guarantees

Pre-Exam Workshop Only: $195 * New dates Mar. 16th, April 6th, May18th

We are not responsible for reporting CE credits.

  • Feb., Mar., April.; workshops begin monthly
  • 3rd weekend of each month (subject to change) March & April Canceled
  • 3-days/ Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • 10am-6pm
  • Option B includes an additional Sunday(TBA)
  • Pre-Exam Workshop Only 1 day 10am-6pm
  • Escofhari's Holistic House 6108 Gateway Drive Gibsonville, NC 27249

                                              Natural Hair Care Technician


                                               WORKSHOP #2


This workshop provides an overview of how to care for natural hair using techniques with a holistic  approach.This is an 8 hour workshop. Natural Hair Care certificate of completion   provided. You will also receive a natural King/Queen T-shirt and Tunde's Products.You  must provide mannequin head, stand and necessary implements. List provided. This workshop provides 8 CE credits.

We are not responsible for reporting CE credits.

  • Feb., Mar., April; workshops begin monthly
  • 3rd weekend of each month (subject to change) *April 20th Canceled
  • Sunday Only
  • 10am-6pm
  • Escofhari Holistic House 6108 Gateway Drive Gibsonville, NC 27249

    Natural Hair Techniques=    $225

    This workshop is 1 day 6 hours.  Mother's  and others want to know how to properly use techniques that will not destroy your love one's hair. Must provide own mannequin head, stand and all implements needed. List provided. Certificate of completion provided.This workshop provides 6 CE credits.

    We are not responsible for reporting CE credits.

    Aug., Sept., Oct., Monthly workshop
    3rd weekend of each month (subject to change)
    Sunday Only 10am- 4pm.
    Escofhari's Holistic House 6108 Gateway Drive Gibsonville,NC 27249

     Mindful Meditation for The Practitioner
                          Workshop #3

    This workshop will open up avenues you never thought possible. Meditation is vital to one's spiritual and mental health. Meditating can assist you with understanding who you are and the power you were created with. Use this before or during a service to provide positive energy to your client while enhancing your skills and communication. This is a 2 hour class. Certificate of completion is provided.

    This workshop provides 2 CE credits for Cosmetologist, Estheticians and Nail Technicians. Natural Hair Care Specialist/Providers/public welcome.

    We are not responsible for reporting CE credits.

    June Only, (subject to change)
    6pm-8pm 1st Saturday
    Escofhari's Holistic House 6108 Gateway Drive Gibsonville, NC 27249

    Aromatherapy in The Work Place/ TBA

    Essential Oils for The Essential Scalp/TBA




Coils, cornrows, double-strand twist, flat-twist, hand-rolls, spiral set, traditional set, plaits, shampooing, styling, loc techniques, loc maintenance, loc repair, transitioning,  and more......



  • All workshops are for information purposes only.
  • There is no claim of healing.
  • Students accepted at the discretion of administration.
  • We are not responsible for keeping up with continuing education credits.
    All hair care classes provide continuing education(CE) credits for all Licensed hair care providers.
    All other (CE)credits provided as stated.

    Time and dates are subject to change.



$25 registration fee required: Non refundable
Half deposit required at time of registration
Full Payment due 3 weeks before workshop start
All major credit cards and Money Orders accepted
No Checks

Dates & times subject to change

FOR REGISTRATION FORM E-mail; babatundemom@gmail.com or esco@worldco.org 



Call Escofhari Holistic House @ 336-697-9499

Mail to; The Institute of African Holistic Science @ 6108 Gateway Drive Gibsonville, NC 27249 or P.O.Box F Sedalia, NC 27342 

All workshops instructed by Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist & Holistic Living Technicians, Cosmetologist, NHT, OM, RMT, HP and Trichologist.

 The Institute of African Holistic Science is sponsored by Escofhari-Worldco  International www.escofhari.com and The African Holistic Society. Accredited by The International Board of African Holistic Science and The North Carolina Board of Natural Hair Care & Holistic Science

We have been educating students on Healthy Hair Care & Holistic Living for over 20 years.

Let us show you the way to better health, mind, body and soul for you and your love ones.